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A personal HR professional is available to assist with regulatory and legal compliance, online HR resources and employee training, and helping create an employee handbook, management manuals and job descriptions. Your HR professional leads the Snappayroll's team responsible for your payroll, workplace safety programs, and insurance benefits. 

Manage Employees - Snappayroll can help you set up and administer official policies and an online human resources management system. Employee Handbook - Snappayroll offers customized employee handbook with legally reviewed policies to meet the policy demands of your business.

HR Online - With help from your HR professional, managers and employees will be able to easily log into our secure HR Online Systems to quickly view and update HR and benefits information, while you control the access levels, Specialists are also available to help set up HR Online to meet your business needs.

The Snappayroll Education Center - Employees aren't always available for live training! Snappayroll offer our free online training modules, available all-day, any day, from work or from home.


Our Human Resource Services include:

  • Employees History: Salary-, Position- & Payroll History
  • Job Assignments
  • Retirement Plan Reporting
  • Health Benefit Management
  • Employee Education, Training Record, Certifications, and Emergency Contact Information
  • Track Employee’s Skills and
  • Track Disciplinary Actions and Performance Reviews
  • Position Management
  • Employee Document Management
  • Security Clearance Tracking
  • Emergency Contact Tracking
  • Accident/Injury Reports
  • Employee Dependents Tracking
  • Configurable Employee-Level Miscellaneous Fields
  • Configurable Standard Reports
  • Future / Pending Changes Capability



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At Snappayroll the emphasis has always been our clients and we have build the back bone of our company around this motto.

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